A Review of Bits of Havana Especial

A Review of Bits of Havana Especial

We wanted to check in on the Bits of Havana Especial releases to see how it has been progressing since its release on August 4th, 2022.

What made this blend such a unique addition to the Bits of Havana portfolio was the addition of the rare Jalapa Medio Tiempo. Normally a large majority of the Medio Tiempo from AGANORSA is grown in Esteli, but a bale of the material from Jalapa had made its way to their warehouse and I had stumbled upon it. When you work with Medio Tiempo, it is not as easy as placing the material inside a blend to create the signature "chew" as we call it, you have to blend around the material to make it work. So this Bits of Havana is different from its counterparts within the line.

*The Review

A quick recap on the Bits of Havana Especial...

Wrapper: Jalapa Corojo '99 Shadegrown

Filler: Nicaragua Criollo '98, Corojo '99 + Jalapa Corojo '99 Medio Tiempo

Binder: Nicaragua Criollo '98

Body: Medium+

Vitola: 4.5 x 50

The initial aroma from the foot is heavy fruit and earth notes, very little spice. Upon lighting you are immediately met with a blast of that fruit and earth with an undertone of sugarcane sweetness. The spice levels pick up as you progress and a creamy aspect to the blend begins to evolve as you get into the beginning of the halfway point.

The retro offers an abundance of cinnamon and fruit with a creaminess. As you progress into the cigar more and more you realize the real subtle notes are here in the retro. Ae we begin the final half, the fruit is the dominant player here with wood and earth undertones. The creaminess is still on the finish, and the exhale is clean and precise. Never touching over Medium+ in body, this has stayed true to it's original body rating.

What I have noticed in the almost 5 months since release, the blend has started to come together more. The fruit has progressed to a dominant factor when originally the earthy notes took center stage while the fruit was a secondary note, this is not the case anymore. If you enjoy Medium+ body and a great deal of fruit and complexity with mild spice, this is the blend for you.

*Paired with Topo Chico Mineral Water. However I could see this blend easily being perfect for a Highland or Speyside Single Malt. I would stay away from anything cask strength as it will overpower the blend.

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