Our selection of Hyper Limited blends developed by Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars are unique to DROP Cigar Club. Our specially curated portfolio of boutique cigars is sure to entice your cigar journey with new flavors and complex experiences.


Bird on a Rose ~ 'LA CORONA'

DROP Cigar Club

The Blender

With over 15 years of blending cigars for Warped Cigars in Miami, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, there is no shortage of flavor profiles and experiences that can be crafted. He now heads our blending and brand development here at DROP, offering you a unique flavor experience.

"Some people have their hobby outside of their career, mine is crafting blends and concepts for DROP."

- Kyle J. Gellis

The Blends

Hyper Limited

We take a great deal of time and pride in what is crafted for you at DROP. Blends and concepts can vary in time from blending from a few months too well over a year. Time is something you cannot bypass in boutique cigars, it is an integral part of the process; you must master it.

We do not rush the process when crafting the best boutique cigars for you. From our hyper limited editions to our regular core line products, you will instantly recognize why we are different from other boutique cigar brands.

By us, for you.